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About us

We are Jared and Amber Leverette.

Together we run Lake Talquin Lodge like Jared’s parents did before us, a family owned and operated lodge and fishing camp. We welcome children, pets, and truly aim to make it a place you and your family and friends want to visit year after year. Jared has a passion for fishing, especially crappie, and would love to be your guide. He knows this lake as well as anyone and has been featured in numerous magazines and other articles highlighting his accomplishments as a crappie fisherman and guide. We personally manage the site and love interacting with our customers. The Lodge is like home to us, and our visitors become like family. We simply wouldn’t have it any other way. We would love for you to come visit us here at Lake Talquin Lodge, and hopefully stay a while.

Keeping the lure in the strike zone …

When long line trolling on Kentucky Lake I get asked quite often by my clients, when you do get a hook up how do you consistently return the lure back to the proper depth? One trick I learned a few years back is, once you hook a fish and before you reel it in, wrap a thin rubber band around the spool of the spinning reel. Doing so will mark the length of line that was out when the fish hit. When the jig is cast back out, the rubber band will stop the line on the spool and the jig will be exactly the same distance behind the boat and ride at the same depth. Make sure to use a small thin rubber band so the line will flow off the spool smoothly and not hinder the drag. This trick will work equally well for those of you that like to “spider rig” too!

(Photo – Bill Hurle from Louisville, KY with a couple of pre-spawn crappie caught long lining out of the back of the boat)